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Mobile Closings

Mobile Closings

Many people are busy these days. Or the title office may be too far away from your current location. We get it. New Frontier Title has mobile closers that will come directly to your home, work or school!

“What if there are four of us on the deed and we all need to sign, but live in different parts of the US?” New Frontier Title has you covered! Our extensive mobile notary network is nationwide, and we can set up a notary for each *person in your signing, even if they are all not located in the same place or state.

If you are outside of the United States, we can assist you in locating a US approved notary whether you are on a military base overseas or reside in another country.

Calvin Darville, President of Comfortable Closings, with New Frontier Title Co-Founder Keith Robert Gordon doing a mobile closing in our St. Petersburg office location. 

*Note: one mobile notary location included at no charge (for ex, if 2 seller signers, sellers must sign together at one location at the same time). If multiple notaries are required or a notary has to make two trips or go to two different locations, additional fees will apply).