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Notary Services

Courtesy Closings and Notary Services

With a presence around the state, we can assist you in closing your transaction in our office, with one of our qualified, insured, mobile notary professionals or remotely via mail-away method. Our fees are competitive and provide you with professional services of a licensed title agent to discuss your closing.

If your transaction is in Florida, but you are located in another state or country, we can still provide you a local notary for your closing or assist you in locating an approved notary. 

In addition to handling closings and providing title insurance, in-house licensed notaries can also provide notarization services such as forms, birth certificates, death certificates, documents in a court proceeding, recording documents, public records, and/or student records. Contact our office to make an appointment. 

*Please note that we cannot prepare Quick Claim Deeds.  You will need to contact a local real estate attorney to prepare this document. 

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