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Our Closing Process

Our Closing Process

Congratulations!  You are under contract.  Now what?

Closing on a new home purchase, or on the sale of your home, can be stressful.  New Frontier Title makes the process easier by helping you every step along the way.  Our experienced title agents work with you to help ensure a smooth closing. Additionally, we perform a title search with our underwriters (ORNT & Alliant) and municipal lien search so that you are aware of any issues pertaining to your closing.  Finally we clear all title requirements before closing so that you have the peace of mind and a clear title when all parties sign on the dotted line. Below, you will find the steps we take in our closing process. 

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Under Contract

Once you are under contract and have sent the documents to your title agent, they will reach out to you to get you set up in our file system.

If you are the buyer, it is time to send in your escrow deposit.  Your title agent will give you the wiring instructions to electronically wire over your funds. You must contact our office to receive the full account number to send the wire.

Prior to Closing

The first this your title processor will do is to order the title search and lien search to clear title. They may also ask for additional paperwork such as a Buyer/Seller Info sheet or other authorization documents related to your closing.

If you are a buyer working with a lender, reach out to them regarding any documents they need to prepare your loan.

Cash Closing

A cash closing does not require a new survey to close.  A buyer may elect to order a survey of the property at their own expense. 

Cash closings can usually be settled in 14 business days, providing there are no title issues or probate holding up the closing.

Working with a Lender

When working with a Lender, the buyer will need to provide documentation to their lender such as tax records, pay stubs, or other necessary items to get your loan to a “Clear to Close” status.

Most lender closings can close in 30 – 45 days and require a loan policy as well as the owner’s policy at closing. Make sure to stay on top of your lender requests so that closing is not delayed.

Clearing Title

When your title agent receives the title commitment and lien search back, there may be requirements that the seller will need to clear to take care of such as open/expired permits, HOA estoppels, prior mortgage satisfactions, notice of termination from a contractor, and more.  
Your title agent or title processor will review these items with you and give you information to assist in clearing these items for closing. 

Schedule Closing

When it comes time for closing to be scheduled, your title agent will send you a copy of the HUD-1 (cash closing), or ALTA (lender closing) to review the amounts in each section and what you may owe at the closing table. 

Review these carefully with your real estate agent or other party.  Report any discrepancies to your title agent and let them know if you don’t understand something on the forms. 

Wiring Funds for Closing

When wiring funds for your closing, you will need to do a bank transfer.  Cash, checks and money orders are not allowed for a closing to help prevent fraud. 

Confirm the amount of the wire for your closing with your title agent. Your title agent will give you the wiring instructions to electronically wire over your funds. You must contact our office to receive the full account number to send the wire.

During the Closing

All parties will need to bring a goverment ID (driver’s license, state issued ID, passport, etc.) to the closing table whether you are closing with your title agent or a mobile closer. 

Cash closings usually have around 15 pages of documents to sign.  A lender closing can have upwards of over 200 pages of documents to sign.  Prepare to take some time for your closing.  This isn’t something you want to rush through.  Ask questions if you aren’t sure of something. 

After the Closing

Your title agent will handle the recording of the documents and will mail and/or email all closing documents to each party. The title agent will disburse funds to the appropriate parties to the transaction as per the closing statement. 

The seller will receive their proceeds and any real estate agents will receive their commissions. 

You can always reach out to your title agent for any questions or concerns you may have, even years after your closing. We are here to help!