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Resources for Sellers, Buyers & Agents

Real Estate closings can be difficult for sellers, buyers and agents who do not have the adequate resources. Check out our articles below or visit our YouTube page for some very informative videos! 

Title is Your Choice

Did you know that as the purchaser of title insurance, you choose the title company? Just as you choose your lender, your real estate agent and your insurance agent, choosing title ensures that you pick the best and most reliable professionals to handle a very important part of your closing transaction.

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What to Bring to Closings

Typically, the seller brings the house keys to give the buyer. You should bring the keys to the house, remotes to access the development or pass codes for entry.

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Home Buyer Closing Day

The closing day is when the purchase documents are signed, funds are transferred and you take possession of the property.

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Home Seller Closing Day

As the seller, you are prearing for your move, handing over the keys to new owners, and possibily leaving behind memories. Additionally, there is a lot of paperwork when it comes to any closing. That’s why New Frontier Title is there with you every step of the way.

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